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A quick catch up…

Spring is here!  You’ve probably already noticed that.  Warmer weather has everything turning green. Soon it will be flower and garden time.  J  Here at the Wildlife Center we notice subtle signs like.  in February and March it starts with baby squirrels and bunnies.  Then we know its April when the first baby raccoon comes in.  A tiny male still with umbilical cord came in on Tuesday. His name is Cheyenne.

So now only 4 raccoons, 1 bunny, and an “almost” raccoon (hehe!) are here but in the next month we will get busy.  I guess feeding a tiny raccoon every 3 hrs. around the clock is a little busy already, not counting the other guys.  I guess it’s all perspective.

Our Feature Story is about Cheyenne our little Raccoon. A kind woman in the Colorado Springs area was alerted by her two pups barking that something was amiss in the backyard. Under a tree she found a tiny raccoon that was so cold and still she thought it was dead. When brought inside she realized he was still alive, but barely. She called us and we gave her tips for making sure he survived the night. She even put him outside to try to give mama a chance first at finding him again. When this didn’t’ work Cheyenne was picked up the next morning and accessed to be between 7-10 days ( still had umbilical cord but it was starting to fall off). He came in very compromised. When they are this tiny they can’t regulate their body heat and keeping them warm at all times is a priority. Cheyenne is responding well to treatment and thanks to his rescuer that kept him warm through the night he has a fighting chance!

Happy Spring Everyone!

Spring 2016 Newsletter

Another fun and maybe someday helpful tip with fawn. See how perky and crisp the ends of their ears look?  This tells us they're not in distress. When a fawn gets dehydrated (mom not being around to feed it for awhile) the ends of the ears curl. If your worried about a baby wild something left in your yard. Give mom a chance.  If you have any questions call a Wildlife Rehabber and they can help you decide how to proceed.  Remember there are no babysitters in the wild!

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